• Jocelyne Maréchal

Chiraklo's healing light, 24-01-2020

Updated: Jan 25

That beautiful feeling of awe! Immediate healing. Meet Chiraklo. She is a lighthouse. She stands strong and sends beams of light all around. Imagine the feeling after a few weeks months or years at sea... there, that feeling of having sailed a perfect course!!! Being welcomed home. That is Chiraklo.

Imagine walking through a deep forest and suddenly you see beams of light descending through the branches, playing through the leaves... That is Chiraklo.

Imagine dark purple clouds turning to a soft lavender color as they let beams of pink light from an invisible sunset... That is Chariklo.

For the next two years of great changes, She will be watching over Saturn and Pluto's plans making sure that the outcome is perfect. We can connect with her by meditating, contemplating and simply observing. Chiraklo knows the source of all light and shows herself in the smallest flame in the heart of every one of us.


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