• Jocelyne Maréchal

Chariko, peace through storms

Chariklo opens the gate for us to enter this new era with grace, the Yin way. Through the new frequency spectrum, man-made G5, the fifth generation of wireless technology, she is the 5th ring system discovered in 1997, the time when the 4rth generation wireless was launched.

It was the fifth ring system found in our solar system—after Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. It is located in the outer solar system between Saturn and Uranus. Chiraklo holds a deep Yin energy.

Chiraklo is, one might the sacred space at the threshold of a new frontier. Traveling side by side with Pluto since 2018, she was there when Saturn passed by as well as Jupiter, now Mars.

Uranus is very active on Earth now in the sign of Taurus an Earth sign, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn Eris and Mars all in the Earth sign of Capricorn... there is a lot of Yang pushing and pulling. Chiraklo stays put, moving slowly, an elegant hostess next to the ruthless Pluto, as he waits for all to have prepared us for his big come back into Aquarius in 2024.

Chiraklo will be there all along. She says: "Stay put, observe. What you are now feeling way deep is a very masculine energy that invites to action. It is electrical but nor energizing, it demagnifies your biological clock. Stillness contains all that you need. This is in the world of heart-mind. If your wireless machines are shot you can explore the high potential of Yin. Turn off G5.

Tune in to the fifth ring system that comes as the Healer.


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