• Jocelyne Maréchal

Give your spirit wings. Catch your dream


Don't look back! Just catch the dreams you once had and move forward.

Dreams that were put aside.

Dreams that you had no time to for.

Dreams that were put on a waiting list.

Dreams that seemed too big, out of reach.

Dreams that fell in the fantasy department.

Dreams that eventually were sent to miscellaneous affairs.

As we are still under the influence of Libra from the last full Moon, we are finding ways to balance our lives and adjust to the stillness. After the new Moon on April 22nd, we might want to be aware of any sudden burst of emotion that would lead to a very dear buried memory, a dream.

Until the next full Moon, acknowledge your dream for humankind. T

Then become aware of how your own personal dream could feed the bigger one.

Next full Moon, the Flower Moon will be in Scorpio. Depth ... emotions... clairvoyance...

The opposite sign, with Uranus transit, is Taurus : matters of the head, mind, thoughts, Uranus: flashes of inner knowledge flaring up!

A time when everything comes to a stop is a time to look forward. Catch up to a dream. Give your spirit wings. This is no time to freeze up and turn to stone, Spirit is awakening on a large scale. This scorpionic energy is of the world of spirit. Your dream might just be a lot easier to realize than you thought if it is seen through a larger lense.

Jocelyne Marechal

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