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The twelve signs of the zodiac affect us whether we have planets in it or not. They all carry particular energy that we either use as human beings or as awakened and conscious participant to human embetterment.



Since Capricorn and Cancer are the most powerful signs in our lives for the next few months I  will start with them. It does not matter if you are a Capricorn or not, what you have to know is in what house the sign of Capricorn is and which house it is transiting. Saturn and Pluto are still visiting this sign and they may aspect your planets, empowering certain parts of your journey.

Capricorn gets a bad rap, people are mostly aware of Capricorn people that are not awake.  You see, until we become conscious of our spiritual nature and make time and space for this part of us to be active in our everyday life we only live our physical nature, work-spend sleep save eat etc… Here are the two natures of Capricorns.

Capricorns have two mountains to climb. Like goats they will see the mountain to climb with a very good eye… they are well equipped to do the work! …To the human nature, it is the mountain of the physical mental emotional growth they have to face. Some will care vey much to enrich their mind, strengthen their body and dwell in their heart for courage to climb a social ladder… Unkike the inner mountain, the first part of climbing a mountain is easy, nothing to it. The well equipped goat gets to half the climb, the place where there is some fog… a few clouds lingering around. AH… he can’t see so clearly now… what to do here… why did he want to climb this mountain? This is the place where his second nature awakens… or not… he either remains a goat, goes back down and runs between these two levels for a long time, trying to convince any passing goat the this is the top and crowning himself king of the “Top”… until his true nature guides him, he climbs on upward, through the fog, knowing that there is something at the top….  A Ray of light gives wisdom The great illumined Capricorn grabs the light , but what then,,, he hears a cry… he listens closer … it comes from the bottom if the mountain, it is the cry of humanity. He makes a 180 turn and gets on his way back down the mountain to share his knowledge, teach to whom wants to learn how to find their very own light and live with their true divine nature. This Capricorn lives in the light, he lives his divine nature. Make no mistake, the goat half way up is very convincing, the upper part is steep but glorious. Keep on climbing,

Check in what house is your natal capricorn and where he is  transiting in your journey to better understand the changes and opportunities that are there for you in the few coming months!

In a previous blog HOME… I was referring very much to the highest nature of Cancer, The two signs are working together for many coming transformations, global, social and personal.

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Tank you for being you!!

With Love

Shant Joti


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