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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

The poor Cancer has become so boring... home, kids, mothering, household...

Remember there are two levels of influences for each sign interpretation. This description of Cancer is the first one to come to mind ... Cancers barely get out of the house!But here we go with the elevated version of Cancerians.

OK, are you sitting, cause I will give you a clear picture of a Cancer who has been through life experiences in a whole other plane and learned lessons that make Cancerians a most important sign to listen to while putting the old judgment aside.

Cancer is the most Christ filled sign, therefore one of the most difficult to perceive as a person who has transcended many experiences often unimaginable to others. Cancer builds THE FOUNDATIONS OF LIFE. THEY COME FROM PURE LOVE AND THEIR INTENTION IS TO NURTURE.

Cancer children are surfing the moon's rays and grow from there to the mystic ruler :Neptune. As children they have the ideal world,.. is in the palm of their hand. Whatever environment they are in this is what guides them. As they grow, Neptune, chichis theChrist, the Cosmic Love in astrology will guide them through apprenticeship of the Love of the Mother. They learn to protect while laying the red carpet for Love to lay down as first layer of any foundation, career, relationships but also for the good of humanity.

So if Cancer is home... what is home? Cancerian keep on keeping on, ie their whole life is their home, it comes to a place where the human level of "home" is not enough. Love of life as a human being is only the beginning, The moon influences new births, new levels of life. Neptune guides spirit,Cancer breast feeds to give a strong foundation to the life that she channelled. Cancer is only the human channel to life and she knows it. There is more to feed, there are starving spirits in need of light.

When times are changing Cancer is influenced by an energy that is very particular... it is a diffused energy. Cancer is not looking for gold, it is about making its light radiate in each room of her life.

So Cancers, if your life took you through dark rooms, make them shine now. If you had a great little happy family and you want to build strong foundations for the community, for the under privileged, there you go, this is your service to humanity. Feed the spirit world that is in. urgent need of Cosmic Love.

But if you are one of the hard core Cancerian who never found a home for yourself, even if you build one and founded a whole family in it, or if you did but are not yet proud of it, then remember the home that is in the palm of your hand, write about it . You are a builder of foundations on which others can build, grow, find inspiration, thrive and become.

Mantra for Cancerians

" I built a lighthouse and therein I dwell"

CANCER: since the last full moon most of you experienced many thins that seemed to block your intentions.. slow down the pace for your plans and even make you reconsider or abandon your dearest dream which you started to build at the end od 2018. Keep up. Life is about creation and the creation of your life is always changing, new choices (or obligations) that temporarily throw you off. Speed picking up not allowing you tu pursue in the way you wanted to go...This will continue so keep up with your intention. HOME... is presenting itself in many different ways... home for the mind to rest, Home for the body to heal, Home for spirit to take you to your true identity and radiate your light through your loving wings

The next full moon will be your ever loving guide.

In Aries...

Love always Shantjoti


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