• Jocelyne Maréchal

Blue Moon, October 31st at 6:52 pm EDT

Updated: Oct 31

Beautiful Blue Moon, what is your gift?

Tonight's full Moon is in perfect alignment with Uranus, planet of all techno discoveries since the phone! Uranus is also means of communication, flash knowledge... intuition... télépathy!

This full moon will not only reflect the Sun's light but will have the intensity of Uranus coming from behind which gives her a much more powerful ad accessible frequency.

For the next two weeks, until the next New Moon, we can open to this energy for our own life changes and also for all humanity. The great changes that affect us all. The Earth is travelling through the Photon Belt where the frequencies are much higher and the Light more accessible to us.

It is within the next two weeks that Uranus may just reveal to us some surprising news... it just may make some heads spin! I will follow up tomorrow with more precise dates.

Meditations, daily practice, prayers, and offerings are also beneficiating from this, drawing from a source so powerful. Expect answers and or results that will help raise our frequencies. This is much needed all over the globe right now and for the times coming.

News: I will only be doing short readings of transits until mid-January for those who want to check what opportunities the stars have in mind for you. 20 m, 30$.

Write me at, subject Transits.

Have a beautiful Full Moon evening and night!


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