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Beyond knowledge

Updated: Aug 16

Out of chaos comes feminine energy. Her knowledge comes from the horn of plenty.

Salacia - She is sparkling energy that causes the sun to glitter on the shifting surface of the sea.

Chariklo - She is the graceful energy that is the antidote to the tensions we feel. A lighthouse and a peaceful haven.

Eris - She challenges the status quo. Awakener of feminine energy. Goddess of crises and discord she could banish all wars. She is in Pluto's shadow and as all feminine energies, working her way out.

Haumea - Involved in the deconstruction of the old order, she promises regeneration of nature and consciousness. Haumea gives birth. she will protect newborns. She renews healing energy.

Ceres - The source of joy, Associated with abundance, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

These are a few of the new archetypes available to us now on a very refined energy level.

Chariklo Eris and Haumea are in position, These astral bodies travel so slowly. We all know how long we take to change from what we wish we could be on a higher level of humanity... that is the cosmic cycle we are going through.

Maybe it will help to remember their presence. They are the promise we keep hearing from afar.

More in a wonderful book called Beyond Pluto, by Sue Kientz.

An excellent book on the dwarf planets.

Have a wonderful New Moon on the 19th. Check my last blog to know more about it.

Thanks for reading, Jocelyne



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