• Jocelyne Maréchal

Kindergarten corner of the campus...

Hi there. Thought I would step out of my galaxies and answer the many of you who ask me what my thoughts are about what is going on for us all, now.

I like to think that this is a kindergarten class. Because we do not know how to create a balanced way of living that includes everybody, young and old, all races, animals or humans, rich or poor, we have to learn.

The very basic lesson out of this would be to recognize that we are all the same, that life is fragile.

The steps we all make to help save the water, the air, and the earth are part of a very long walk together. So each day, every step counts to ignite a spark for joy, for kindness maintain the fire of the heart. It's the crossing of the desert, of the Red Sea... a change of era... it takes time.

Some say that it is when we lose something that we start appreciating what we had. Well, I think that in this kindergarten corner of the campus, we are to remember what we lost. Humankind must become a Humane kind ... Care for each other, heal our hearts, our families then our societies and our world. HumanUnity.

I think it will take longer for some who do not cherish these values but I know that there are more of us who deeply do care. The scale will tilt eventually.

Be well, be safe.

Love Shant Joti.


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