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August Full Moon, Go it Alone

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

A solitary moon.August 15th in Aquarius.

This MOON in Aquarius plays a major part in a shift that solicits a very personal implication if we want to benefit from this particularly rare offer.

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius is all about TRUTH.

The Moon is opposing Sun conjunct Venus, the art of light, inner light. It is also squaring Vesta, the Guardian of the flame.

What does this all means?

This Moon longs for inner flame to have more space in our art of living. The pace of the Sun is about respecting your own rhythm, being aware of keeping with the beat of your soul's intent, your deepest TRUTH.

Check the values that influence your choices and dare respect higher ones that would activate a shift in your life and put a smile in your heart and on your face. Aquarius is a fixed sign. But it is all about future. Where is this moon in your chart, it will tell you what has to give...


Prepare. Since July's New Moon, something showed up in your life... a new intention rising up... a desire to be more of you.

If you feel isolated, you can be sure it is a demand from you inner flame,,, fan it up!

Excellent time to start looking in the great obsidian mirror and see how beautiful your soul is.

If you want to know what this Full Moon suggests you give up send me a mail, your birth infos and your skype number... and be on your way to create a higher form of living.

Shant Joti

With Love


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