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August Full Moon and the masquerade

Updated: Aug 1

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd really starts a five months long masquerade.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus = Air sign of the MIND, communication, technology flash knowledge,.

Leo is ruled by the Sun= Fire sign of the HEART, courage, creativity, generosity, cheerfulness.

A full Moon is always opposite to the sun and the signs give it a particular intention.

... if you want to go to the masquerade, you must wear the mask! Many of us are doing it but no one cares for the masquerade and much less for the hosts!

After the 3rd, the Moon is on her way to conjunct Uranus which will be stationary on the 10th.

That is usually some very emotional communication, information choc... A few days later on the 13th, Mars square Pluto, massive force, manu military. Two days later, on the 15th, strong awakening as Uranus retrogrades. In Taurus, the world of finance. Taurus, Earth sign, earth-shaking events. On the 17th, Eris, goddess of discord meets with Mars. Stay home... on the 19th, reactivity is strong. Use it for your own evolution. Collectively, there is no need to give in to the manipulators, hosting this masquerade party.

So keep in MIND that the mask is dust in the wind and so are many other consequences that sometimes pain the heart and shake mentalities... We have lost friends, we have gained some freedom that is scary to leaders of the masses so there need to be boundaries. limits... walls... Keep in MIND that your HEART is the same, even growing kinder, more humble in this masquerade on this ship of fools. Get off that ship. Engage with your own inner discords, heal the victim in you, do not feed it. It looks like a busy few months ahead...

Look beyond, look far ahead, surf the waves so you can reach a peaceful beach, every day.

"It's all good " is the mantra!

Find out in what field of your life the Moon activates and the meaning of these events in your own soul journey.

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