• Jocelyne Maréchal

August 2020 cosmic schedule

1 -On the 3rd, Full Moon in Aquarius (mind) opposite Sun in Leo (heart) as Uranus goes direct.

2 -On the 10th, Mercury squares Uranus and Moon conjunct Uranus - emotionally disturbing communication.

3- On the 13th, Mars squares Pluto. Intensity, forcefulness, manu military. .. following the latest revelations.

4- On the 15th, Uranus stationary retro, in Taurus-Economic consequences. Earth shaking matters, strong awakenings

5- On the 17th, Eris, the feminine (intuitive) awakener, conjunct Mars. The awakening of collective knowledge, a recognition of the power of Mars, Eris in mythology represents strife and discord.

6 -On the 19th, Eris retrograde. So there is here a great opportunity to meet with the dynamic of warlike energies. Eris, the intuitive versus the physically reactive energy comes, meets, observes and back's off.

The beauty of this message is that Eris suggests that the old barbaric ways of war, military, fear, all that is not the way to respond to the crashing down of these old ways of threats by leaders of this world that are now hanging by the nails. They will fight, don't fight back because their reason to expand on force is again the same old excuse, they defend ... they are never the attacker (!!!) That is why Peace cannot be.

Consider not to engage in fights, consider using these intense forceful energies to strengthen your beliefs in peace,

Many many people are developing solutions, offering help and new ways, researching, get involved with that trend. Put energy in it. Form groups that focus on the future, over the waves, to a calm horizon.

These events are the first steps for the next 5 months... that, in turn, are the stepping stones to a long run... 2024, when Pluto enters Aquarius.

The world will be so changed by then, better tune-up, and join groups who know how to cross this jungle.

Consider caring for each other in loving ways and as Eris, back off, observe and learn.

At the end of the month, Mercury will trine Neptune. The vision will be much deeper, clearer.

Keep a daily meditation practice and if you do not have a Breathing exercise practice, stay tuned...

In your own personal chart, the transits over your natal configuration will reveal much about where this intensity may manifest, why this would be happening to you (again?) now... how to address the challenges with heart-mind...

Get a view from above into your life changes, it might help pass through the intensity with more peace.


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