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August 2019, Mercury direct

Mercury has gone direct. I can hear :oh Yeah! Good!

Did you know that when it starts going backward it does have to come back its trajectory... We then say Mercury is walking inits shadow... it is gathering momentum and this month starting on the 15th, the day of the full Moon, it will be going at a very high speed till it enters Virgo.

From a the fix sign Leo where it flushes out much of the past, drop your baggages, let go, clean up what slows you down because you want to travel light from that next full moon on... so that when Mercury enters Virgo, a mutable sign the shift you want happens. Do the work!

Mutable sign... mutation... change... transition. the wind of change will pick you up. Be ready.

Jupiter is also going direct... you have support and as Uranus stations retro. Both about FUTURE

Use this full moon, look at it, put a smile on it... This is a great time!!!

Shant Joti

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