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Crisis - Catastrophy - Disaster

This article is based on an interview with french neuroscientist Boris Cyrulnik.

A crisis is something that happens and when it is over things go back to normal, nothing changed.

A catastrophe is when something happens but when it is over things are never the same again.

A disaster is when something happens and there is an end, it is over.

Just putting the right word on the COVID 19 event: a catastrophe can make an alarmist out of you. Because individually we can start, if we understand the depth of the changes that are happening, to see that things will not be the same. Maybe for some individuals but not collectively.

We as a collective have caused a disaster. It is already here. The catastrophes are taking us through a cleanup cycle. As fast as we have done the destruction, fasten your seatbelts, creation will show us a new way to check our watches.

Everything is there for us to manage the catastrophes that could still lead to the complete renewal of social structures and collective re-union.

Astrologically, it is very difficult to share what is going on without becoming an alarmist. Crisis after crisis could be the way to see it, meaning that we try all we can to rebuild everything the same way after each changing event. This is what we have been doing... Retrograde planets give us time to grasp the depth of such events, and make changes.

Saturn in Aquarius guides us towards a new social structure, Saturn=structure, Aquarius=new, future. Then Saturn comes back in Capricorn, the old ways. Jupiter approaches Pluto to let us see how this will expand collectively. Then retrogrades and meets Pluto again on July 2nd. These are peak times, volatility is high. Saturn and Jupiter will meet again in Aquarius in December, From then on, all of 2021 will show us, step by step just how these changes will take place. We will build resilience until Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024.

Individually, crisis after crisis lead to catastrophe unless we heal the cause of the crisis. A catastrophe changes our life and we eventually, if well equipped, find the resilience to adapt and even appreciate the change.

Be kind to each other

Shant Joti

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