• Jocelyne Maréchal

A Family matter, Saturn Jupiter Pluto

A sense of brotherhood.

Let me introduce you to the cosmic family that is ruling the world now..

Saturn's agenda: In the last few years, Saturn has been hanging out with Pluto, his son. Pluto is the archetype representing the underworld, dark forces, also wealth since diamonds gold Petrol etc come from deep in the earth. So, Saturn says to Pluto: "Look, I am going to be in Aquarius soon, (Jupiter, Pluto's brother and Saturn's first son) will meet with you a couple of times. I will come back in Capricorn to make turn time from past to future, Saturn, remember, is Kronos, the ruler of Time!

Aquarius used to be Saturn's castle before Uranus was discovered... or should I say re-discovered.

Uranus is Gaia (Earth) 's son.

Uranus is all about future frequencies, technology, and Aquarius is his domain.

Saturn is going in Aquarius, visiting a castle that used to be his, (Saturn ruled Time from past to present... but now he walks into a new concept. This was the main subject on the agenda in the last few years meetings in Capricorn... How do we best change TIME ??

Jupiter's agenda is to bring justice in expanding the sense of wealth a Uranian way, to its very source: Earth. Freeing his mother, Gaia, freeing our source of spirit.

Uranus, now in the sign of Taurus, an Earth sign, uses frequencies to anchor its powerful sense of liberty through new ways, new TIMES, has prepared everything to welcome Saturn and family home. Wide-open doors. The first few steps in, Saturn took alone... like a shy student walking into a new school filled with unknown. We are getting this feeling too...but he will back out and wait to re-enter with Jupiter, his first son. This we will feel too. This will build a whole new sense of family. Brotherhood and sisterhood.

These archetypes teach us the most important outcome possible. The changes are here. The outcome depends on us.

Pluto is staying in the old ways of Capricorn to make sure enough changes take place for us to grasp the magnitude and necessity for us to engage. Pluto is ruling all that is happening now underground. Change of money system, high tech banking, bubble market crashing after many roller-coaster experiences. Uranus is about freedom, Pluto will make sure we feel the pull of the reins before we recognize freedom.

...because the freedom we invented is also about to crash and a new sense of liberty will rise.

More heart... more love...

Saturn himself is changing direction... the old wisdom guiding from a new perspective...

Celebrate. We are learning to open our doors to a lot of changes.


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