• Jocelyne Maréchal


We go through life trying to secure a home for ourselves. A place in the world where we can be close to our friends, our work and our family.

Then there is this other homes we need to tend to.

We need to be home in our heart, where love is alive. Where our values are part of our daily actions and communication so the heart is light and joyful and speaks of wisdom, kindness, gratitude and generosity.

There is also a home for the mind, where there is peace and quiet so we can hear our inner voice where we reach out for inspiration and knowledge. Where the voice of the Universe echoes constant movement. Evolution. Life!

There is a home for our spirit, it is our body where breath is the only Master, carrying our thoughts through our blood cells and organs and bones. The body is home to a spirit that came to experience life with you, It is its temple. We somehow have the impression that we will be going HOME ... some day. We make it a final destiny.

In evolutionary astrology, each of our homes are individually influenced by the energy of planets that communicate between themselves, giving each facet an energy that is compatible to the other. We can tune in. and align with the forces at hand, breathe consciously to power up a constant movement inside... an impulse that gives us the beat to danse to the great outer cosmic movement, be part of it.

That is HOME.

With Love, Shant Joti


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