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3Rd Eclipse. Full Capricorn time

Starting on the 4rth into the 5fth of July, we are receiving another eclipse energy. The moon this time his in with Jupiter Pluto and Saturne, all retrograde. Intensifying the status-quo.

We feel like we are in some traffic jam ... bumper to bumper... what's stopping us from moving on with our lives? There is Mars in his own home of Aries settling there for 6 months!!! A rare thing,,, so do not be in any hurry.

Moon Eclipse is intensifying the undertow in Capricorn... the crumbling down of the old paradigm. For all Capricornian, changes are coming soon in the house this fall into. Cancerians, observe if you have other planets in direct aspect with any of the retrograde patiently let the parts of you that need to go leave your life. Detach. Your life has been going through a tremendous change for a few years now but all is in order. S

Around September and in the following months you will feel rising energies and new spunk in your life.

This eclipse reflects a light that animates the new vision we have seen and sensed since last January, it frees that new vision, makes it possible,,, taste it in your breath... we have to live this, not only know it is happening,

Venus will soon be as far away from the Sun as she can,,, ethics might pull and push on our sense of values... Keep looking above this chaos. Focus long term. Let the traffic jam pass, get out and walk. Forget the news. Keep the vision.

Let us all live it as one, Painting bright peaceful days and years ahead.

Shant Joti


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