Shant Joti's guidance has the power to change a simple life into a divine journey. 

Her wise advice is always given with care and wisdom. Without her, I wouldn't have taken all the precious opportunities life was offering me. Shant Joti is a woman of wisdom, generous with her love and care for humankind. The decisions I have made following her helpful words have taken me to unexpected loving and growing places. Her words are precise and yet open enough to allow freedom and empowerment. 

She has the sensibility of a shaman and the words of a modern and lively spirit. 

Infinite love and gratitude to you precious angel.

Manon Breton

Qualified Mindfulness Teacher

Life Coach, Author & Business Consultant

Enseignante qualifiée de Mindfulness

Coach de vie, Auteure et Consultante en entreprise




Shant Joti is a pearl. I met her when I was  thinking of leaving a workplace that was just not right for me even though I was well paid, I was very tired and unhappy. She did encourage me to leave and take time to rest as well as looking around for a new workplace. She specified that three offers would come my way, the order and the timing in which this would happen. Meanwhile she supported my need to include more joy in my life. It all happened within a year. 

So grateful to you Shant Joti.




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