It is always a great experience to reflect one someone's journey to discover the sacred agenda that evolves through relationships and events. 

I propose a walk in the dream tracks of the soul to align towards your destination

Karma and destiny

The soul's last experience on earth continues. She sings a song from your heart and echoes events that allow her to accomplish what she came here for this time around.

30-minutes session


Under a new light...

Upgrade your self-concept

This look upon the gifts you receive and those you need to develop will give you a  different version of your life. A session will unveil the intention life holds for you

60 minutes



The book of your life.

A session to read your chart and explore the coming opportunities. . . your choices and their effects on your destination. 
60 minutes

Intuitive Reading

This reading session can bring clarity and help you sort out the current issues that create stress and slow down the evolution process.

40 minutes

Astrology and your health

30 minutes

If you are facing a specific health challenge, we will explore its origin and help you address the root cause. 

From there there are indications for best way for you to go about treatments.  

Astrology is helpful for all diet changes, providing the appropriate time. 

30 minutes 

For diet and weight improvement, 

price depends on coaching agreement. 

1st session: 40minutes. 75$

Breath and yoga Coaching

From your chart, I will create a nourishing inner-talk that will become your mantra.  Breath exercise and body positions will be part of this new discipline that your soul longs for in order to feel the power of its incarnation. .  

Everything in life has cycles, you may enter a new cycle or you may be coming to an end of one.

Flexibility of mind and body is most important.

30 minutes 


"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it"

Marcus Aurelius


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