20 minutes session



To respond to many who want to know about the year 2020 transits in their chart, I am offering 20 minutes sessions. 

 We will see where these powerful transits fall in your chart and what it means for you. 




Chart Reading

A session includes a reading of your natal chart and the next 12 to 18 months changes and opportunities present for you,  The book of your life.  We will go through your journey and see how you can best use the planetary influences with the qualities you developed and those you might work to get on course.

60 to 90 minutes by  Skype

Email me at shantjoti@gmail.com 


Intuitive Reading

This reading session can bring clarity and help you sort out the current issues that create stress and impair the evolution process. 

For a session email me at shantjoti@gmail.com

40-50   minutes

Email me at shantjoti@gmail.com

Astrology and your health

30 minutes

If you are facing a specific health challenge, I can explore its origin and help you address the root cause. 

We can then work on changing the energy. 

Astrology is helpful for all diet changes, providing the appropriate time and use of proper breath.

1 hour healing session, 95$

30 minutes. recommended:3 sessions in three days/165$  

For diet and weight improvement, 

price depends on coaching agreement. 

1st session: 40minutes. 75$

Breath and yoga Coaching

From your chart, I will create a nourishing inner-talk that will become your mantra.  Breath exercise and body positions will be part of this new discipline that your soul obviously demands.  

Everything in life has cycles, you may enter a new cycle or you may be coming to an end with some facet of your life. .. Flexibility of mind and body is most important.

First session 90$. 45 minutes 

Private coaching on regular bases is available. 


"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it"

Marcus Aurelius


Under a new light...

Upgrade your self-concept

Deep natal chart research. this will give you a  different version of your life. A session will unveil the intention life holds for you. By touching upon important details from past and present and you can acquire insight that will inspire and guide you through what the future holds for you if you want it.

Learn to use your intuition and develop your highest potential.

This teaching includes yogic breath and sound vibrations 

60-90 minutes, 185$


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